The Worlds Best Pizza Places

Pizza is universal. It’s the most celebrated dish in the world. It can be as simple as a Margherita or as exotic as a BBQ Chicken pie. Pizza is unique, it brings people together. It’s one of those dishes that belong at the center of the table, that’s how it’s always been. So, let’s get to know the most famous pizzerias around the world, ones to add to your bucket list.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples

Today no one makes the traditional Neaopolitan pizza better than L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, in Napeles itself . Their secret? Simplicity and love for the historic ways. Michele Condurro opened his first pizzeria in 1906. Five generations later, the Condurro family remains firm to the old practices and merely offers the Marinara and Margherita styles. They source the best ingredients within the province and have been called The Holy Temple of Pizza. Can it be better than this? After all, simple is beautiful.

Totonno’s, NY

Italian Immigrants came to New York full of dreams and ambition, they carried with them their fondness for pizza. Anthony Totonno disembarked in 1903 and learned the restaurant business working at Lombardi’s, one of the first Italian restaurants in town. In 1921 he was ready to open his own shop, and Totonno’s was born. The first licensed pizzeria in America in the heart of Coney Island.

Totonno brings his ingredients from Italy and makes fresh dough every day. Although a few fires and even a hurricane have tried to end its legacy, Totonno’s still stands.

Pizzeria Uno, Chicago

A Texan businessman dreamed about an unusual style of pizza. The year was 1943 when Issac “Ike” Sewell opened Pizzeria Uno, in Chicago, featuring the now-iconic Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza. The dish was unlike anything heard before. A high rimmed pan used to bake the pizza created a steep edge, suitable for generous amounts of chunky sauce and cheese.

Traditionalists will scowl, but this pizza style has earned the respect of the pizza world. Unlike the New York’s pizza, sausage, and not pepperoni, is the most requested topping.

Delicious Pizza,Los Angeles, CA


Delicious Pizza was founded in 2015. It currently has two locations in So. Cal, Hollywood and LA’s West Adams Neighborhood. Delicious is unique for not only serving an organic and crunchy crust but for also providing throwback hip hop music and ambiance.

The tasty hip hop pizzeria also hosts an annual block party with performances in previous years featuring KRS-One, Masta Ace, and Talib Kweli. You can find hip hop themed pizzas such as the Slaughtahouse and the Rick Ross. Many flock to Delicious Pizza for what many call the best pizza in Hollywood!

You need not travel the world for a good slice of pizza. Whether you like traditional pizza, new-world interpretations or eccentric pies, there’s always a pizzeria near you. Local shops, that grow roots in the community are usually the best choice, and some of them are climbing the ranks fast!